Conference FAQs

What is the conference theme?
We welcome contributions that address any topics relating to elements of personal and professional development. Please see the conference flyer.


What are the onsite technical facilities?
Wireless access, laptops, projector and screen will be available.


How do we submit a JOINT speaker proposal (more than one presenter)?
Please see call for papers.


How do I register for the conference?
Please see registration.


Will there be on-site registration?
No. There is no onsite registration. Please make sure you register by the deadline.


Can I pay for only one day if I am unable to attend all of the conference?
No. This is a 2 day conference, no daily registration is available.


Will I get a certificate of attendance at conference?
Yes. All speakers and participants will receive a certificate at the end of the conference.


I’d like to apply for a scholarship to attend School of Languages Conference, what should I do?
Sorry, no grant is available for this conference.


I think I’ve paid twice, what should I do?
E-mail us at slconference@sabanciuniv.edu with as much detail as you can, and we will get back to you.


I need an invoice before I can pay, what should I do?
No invoice is provided unless your registration is completed. Your invoice will be emailed to you within a month of registering.


Is lunch included in the conference fee?


Is transportation included in the conference fee?

No. Please see transportation for details.