Conference Proceedings

Proceedings Guidelines

We encourage you to submit a paper of your presentation for inclusion in the School of Languages International Conference Proceedings: Pathways that Inspire Us, an electronic publication which will be uploaded on our website with ISBN.

When submitting your paper, please bear in mind the following guidelines:

General information

·         Joint presentations will submit joint papers.

·         Your paper should be limited to max. 1500 words (excluding title, name or affiliation and references). Visual support such as charts, graphs, and tables may be included, on condition that they do not lead to excessively lengthy papers.

·         Please make sure you acknowledge your references in proper APA style and double-check if your references match the text of your paper; i.e. a reference should be mentioned within the paper and vice versa. Remember that there is no need to include general background reading in your references.

·         Your paper should be submitted by the end of April 30, 2018 to  

(Late submissions will not be included in the proceedings.) 

·         Please submit your paper as a standard MS Word document - named with your surname(s).

·         In your email please indicate: the title of your presentation; the full name, affiliation and email addresses of all presenters.

Page layout and design

Your paper should adhere to the following format specifications:

1             Times New Roman, font size 12, left justified.

2             1.5 lines spaced, margins 2.5 cm at left, right and top, 2.0 cm at bottom.

3             Title of the paper at the beginning, using upper case only at the beginning.

4             On a new line below the title, your name, institution, town/city and country.

5             Please include clear headings and sub-headings, left justified, in bold, sentence case.

6             For paragraphing please use a line space and no indentation.

7             Long lists of bullet points are to be avoided.

8             For short lists please use numbers.

9             Tables should preferably be created in MS Word Tables format. If more complicated illustrations and figures are used, please submit those as jpg or pdf files.

10           Insert page numbers bottom right corner.

11           For emphasis, please use italics, instead of bold. Italics should also be used for non-English words, titles of books, plays, etc.

12          Single quote marks (‘…’) should be used around quotations, though quotations of more than two lines will start on a new line and be indented, without quote marks. Single quotes (not italics) should also be used for examples, e.g. In British English the verb is ‘practise’ and the noun ‘practice’.

13          Put your email address at the end of your paper.